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Sadarang Archives was formed in 2000,  with the primary aim of safeguarding the musical and cultural heritage of Pakistan. The concept of Sadarang Archives arose as a result of the concerns of a few individuals worried about the dilapidated condition of Pakistan`s classical music scene. 

The organisation has undertaken preliminary steps in their aims, by setting up an archive and arranging seminars, concerts, lectures and demonstrations by leading exponents of classical music. We also have a fully equipped audio-visual media center, conducted extensive fieldwork, enabling us to have an archive boasting many rare private recordings of masters of yesteryears.

It is hoped that this website will help to create greater awareness of classical music in Pakistan, highlighting the importance of our musical heritage and provide greater exposure to the talented practitioners of this esoteric art form. It has taken many centuries of sheer toil from practitioners and scholars  to get classical music into the highly developed form it is today, it would be tragic if this art form disappears from Pakistan. For further information on the organisation or any artistes featured on this website, please contact




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