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Is this another internet money making scam?

No. This is a genuine attempt to improve the condition of classical music in Pakistan.


Will Sadarang Archives receive any funds from the donations?

Yes. In order to run and continuously monitor the progress of the initiative, administration costs will be required to cover travel, recording, telephone, stationery etc. The projected administration costs amount to approximately 15% of the total funds.

How will Sadarang's board members ensure artistes are utilising the funds appropriately?

Each artiste's progression will be monitored on a regular basis. This will be fulfilled  personally by our artistic consultant, the eminent thumri and ghazal singer Salamat Ali. In addition quarterly updates in the form of newsletters and multimedia will be posted on in order for donors to see what progress has been made.


Why are all the artistes and students included, from families of hereditary musicians?

Being exposed to a musical environment, hereditary musicians are accustomed with the basics of musical teaching. Therefore, it is expected that they would show signs of progression earlier, hence they are ideal candidates for a pilot sponsorship scheme such as this. If the scheme is successful, musicians from all backgrounds will be considered for the initiative.


Why is the sponsorship initiative for a period of twelve months only?

The initiative is running as a pilot programme for twelve months only in its initial phase. The trial period should give a good idea whether such a scheme could work in the future.

What will happen after twelve months?

After the allotted period of twelve months, the board members will decide whether it would be viable for the scheme to continue. This would depend on a number of factors including; level of progression of students and talented musicians, whether the estimated funds meet the true running costs of the initiative and largely on the amount of funds or interest gained.


What can I do for the initiative?

Donations are welcome from individuals or organisations. Alternatively, if you know of any organisations who could assist Sadarang Archives in fund raising or administration means please contact

How will we know how much money has been raised for the initiative?

Amounts and names of donors will be published on as and when they are received.


Is it necessary for my name to be in the donor list?

No. This will be optional, any persons wanting to remain anonymous shall remain so. However, all amounts donated will be posted.

What will happen if a musician does not progress after a quarterly review?

If there is cause for concern regarding musical progression, the involved student will be debriefed by the artistic consultant. If progression is stagnant, the issue will be raised with the board members, who could decide to withdraw sponsorship and replace the student with another. 


What makes Sadarang Archives confident this scheme could be successful?

Firstly, the organisation comprises of selfless individuals who are totally dedicated and committed in trying to halt the demise of Hindustani classical music from Pakistan. Another important factor is that similar initiatives have totally overlooked the viewpoint of musicians and operated on an autocratic level resulting in musicians being totally disillusioned with organisations. Sadarang Archives have received a lot of encouragement from professional classical musicians who feel if this scheme is operated with honesty then it has very good chances of being successful. Lastly, for the scheme to be successful, it is essential that it is handled by individuals who have in depth knowledge of music, keeping this in mind, we have given the task of monitoring each musician to the ghazal maestro Salamat Ali who can properly give us and the musicians feedback on how the initiative is progressing.  


Can I contact the musicians directly to review their progress?

Yes. Anyone interested in meeting or contacting any of the musicians included in the scheme should email and we shall forward contact details.


How will the artistes benefit from the scheme?         

The sponsorship aims to develop musicians for the future. The scheme itself gives promotion and exposure to the musicians on an international platform.


Are the musicians available for performance, can they be booked?

Yes, most certainly. Musicians can be contacted directly or through Sadarang Archives.

How can I donate?

Donations are received via PayPal. You may donate by all major credit/debit cards. You do not need to be a Paypal member to donate. We also welcome cheques or International Money Orders.  

What is the minimum amount I can donate?

There is no minimum. You may donate as much or as little as you like.

What if the target donation amount is met within the one year pilot period?

If the targeted amount of 8700 is raised within the pilot twelve month period, Sadarang Archives will stop its donation appeal till the annual board member review approves continuation of the scheme.        




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