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  Selected Musicians

The teaching-learning process will follow on the basis of the age-old methods of the Ustad- Shagird silsila (the Guru-Shishya parampara) or the Teacher- Student tradition which is a feature of learning traditional arts in the Indian sub-continent. The tradition assures continuity of knowledge and is based on the student spending a lengthy period of apprenticeship under a skilled teacher. The teacher unravels the mysteries of his art in a comprehendible manner and guides the student through the learning process. Once the student has sufficient progress in imbibing the teacherís art, he too can carve a career as a musician and one day forward the knowledge to his students.  This cycle of assimilation and propagation of knowledge has been an integral part of Indian sub-continental society for centuries.

As classical music demands complete dedication, all the musicians selected for the scheme hail from families of hereditary musicians as we feel they have a better chance of emerging as worthy musicians. The musicians benefiting from the scheme have all been interviewed on the basis of talent, skill, ability and passion for music to assess their chances of success.

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Aims  Objectives

  Senior Musicians   

Mohammad Hussain, 74, Sarangi, Karachi

Hailing from the Panipat gharana of sarangi players, Mohammad Hussain received training from his father Ustad Jeeroo Khan and uncle Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan. Currently employed at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), Mohammad Hussain was formerly associated with Radio Pakistan, Multan for over thirty years. He is now the front-ranking sarangi player in Karachi.

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Akhtar Hussain Khan, 52, Sarangi, Karachi

Akhtar Hussain is the grandson and disciple of the illustrious Ustad Ghulam Mohammad Khan. Born in Hyderabad Deccan, Akhtar actively performs in classical music concerts, accompanying the major classical and light classical vocalists of Pakistan. He has only recently relocated to Karachi from Khairpur, Sindh where he was employed at Radio Pakistan.

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Allah Lok, 55, Pakhawaj, Faisalabad

A prominent name amongst the practitioners of the Punjab gharana, Allah Lok learnt the art of pakhawaj and tabla from Ustad Inayat Khan and Ustad Faiyyaz Hussain Khan respectively. He has provided tabla accompaniment to all the leading musicians of the Indian sub-continent and actively performs solo pakhawaj in music conferences. Allah Lok is currently employed at Rahmat Gramophone House in Faisalabad as a music arranger.

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  Talented Musicians





Zohaib Hassan, 19, Sarangi, Lahore

Hailing from a distinguished lineage of sarangi players belonging to the Amritsar gharana, Zohaib alias "Zebi" has been groomed by his family elders. Close members of his family include Ustad Hussain Bukhsh, Ustad Natthu Khan and Ustad Peeru Khan. Zohaib has been under training for the past six years and is working diligently in reaching greater heights. He is greatly inspired by Ustad Hussain Bukhsh Khan, Pandit Ram Narayan and Ustad Sultan Khan.

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Shafqat Ali Khan, 41, Sarangi, Multan

Born in Multan, Shafqat received his training from his father Munshi Ghulam Ali Khan, a student of sarangi player Ustad Alladiya Khan of Delhi and the legendary vocalist Ustad Salamat Ali Khan of the Shamchaurasi gharana. Shafqat is currently employed at Bahauddin Zekriya University, Multan as a music teacher.

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Ali Akbar Khan, 20, Vocal, Lahore

Hailing from the distinguished Shamchaurasi gharana, Ali Akbar is receiving training from Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan. Ali Akbar is emerging as one of the most promising vocalists of the younger generation. He had the privilege of performing at the recently concluded All Pakistan Music Conference in Karachi where his presentation of raag Hansadhwani was immensely appreciated. His performance style displays shades of the legendary Ustad Amir Khan of Indore.

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Akmal Qadri, 32, Bansuri, Lahore

The son of the late Ustad Saeen Ditta Qadri, Akmal is the front ranking bansuri player in Pakistan. He has performed in various music conferences around the country and has been appreciated by admirers and practitioners of classical music for his aesthetic sense and ability to maintain the purity of each raag. Despite the lack of opportunities for classical instrumentalists in Pakistan, Akmal maintains a strict and arduous practice schedule. He is greatly inspired by Pandit Pannalal Ghosh and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

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   The Students



Gul Mohammad, 13, Sarangi, Karachi

Gul has been under the guidance of Ustad Akhtar Hussain Khan since January 2006. Currently studying at school, we hope to provide his family with financial assistance in order to encourage Gul to concentrate on the sarangi.



Junaid Khan, 14, Sarangi, Karachi

This studentís grandfather, tabla player Gulab Khan, approached a committee member expressing his grandsonís interest in learning the sarangi. Having conducted an in-depth interview and seen the boyís enthusiasm, Junaid has been included to participate in the scheme and will be taught by Ustad Mohammad Hussain.



Qamar Abbas, 15, Pakhawaj, Faisalabad

Qamar has been learning the pakhawaj and tabla for the past two years under the tutelage of Ustad Allah Lok. He has shown tremendous promise and has given his debut pakhawaj solo performance at the All Pakistan Music Conference on 31st March 2006 in Lahore.


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